Academy Clonez (2011) 

Academy Clonez is my first full length release and my first definitive statement as a songwriter.

"...achingly beautiful...a gorgeous recording..."
Relate Magazine

"...holds its own universe...full of lyrically and emotionally potent accomplished storyteller..."
Listen Before You Buy

"...paints a fantastic portrait...with poetic flair and gentle humility..."
Performer Magazine

"...our new favorite."
Midlife Mixtape

"...Academy Clonez is a consistent collection of songs that carry the natural ability to cut straight to the heart ."
Free Bike Valet

I Hear the Truth feat. Jeff Campbell (2013)

This re-recording of "I Hear the Truth" – originally written and recorded for Raleigh's Own (2010) – features San Francisco songwriter, Jeff Campbell (the most recent winner of Guitar Center's national singer/songwriter competition), on harmonies and second guitar.

Video captured while this was recorded in a single take is available for you to view, here: 

I'm Fine (2011)

"I'm Fine"  was the first publicly available track from Academy Clonez (2011), and has been available as a free digital download since September of 2011.

It is now backed with "Gone Without a Trace," one of a number of outtakes from the Academy Clonez recording sessions.

Raleigh's Own (2010)

Released only seven months after Praise Box (2009), Raleigh's Own is now available as a free digital download.

The album is six songs, canonically, but the physical album contains three additional bonus tracks not included with the free digital download.

Praise Box (2009)

Praise Box was released in July 2009 after what amounted to a four year absence from music. It was written and recorded within six months.

It contains one of my favorite songs to date, and one that I absolutely cringe at the thought of having authored.

I will not tell you which.